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Rawanda to integrate smart technology

Rwranda to integrate smart technology Science and technologies; the main means of industrial growth and development of entrepreneurship; Rwanda is getting into the venture. The demand of urgency and speed of technological age that the only route to business progress is through development and integration of science, technology like artificial intelligence; robotics.  and innovation into enterprises. This is verified in Rwanda’s Vision 2050 and the Seven Year Government Programme (2017-24), both national frameworks that aim to establish Rwanda as a globally competitive knowledge-based economy and create 214,000 decent jobs annually. Aware of the low levels of achievement and adaptation of technology by Rwandan industrial firms, government and the private sector have embarked on the first of many interventions aimed at boosting competitiveness. The 2018 the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) Open Calls Programme aims to equip selected enterprises with technological skills that will increase productivity using appropriate technology. It goes without saying that such an approach is not realizable without having government agencies serve the private sector directly, providing training and encouraging innovation.

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